World University Friends (WUF) stands as a dynamic and united professional consortium, comprised of university undergraduates, graduates, and accomplished professionals ranging from social scientists to scientists, doctors, engineers, and more. Since its inception in 1995, WUF has orchestrated a tapestry of impactful volunteer endeavors. These ventures encompass diverse initiatives, including comprehensive training programs for members of the Central Provincial Council, innovative projects dedicated to fostering youth empowerment, leadership development for entrepreneurial students, and welfare programs aimed at their holistic well-being. WUF has also spearheaded initiatives in self-employment, contributing significantly to social development.

The organization’s multifaceted engagement extends to consultancy services of various kinds, hosting academic workshops and conferences, publishing insightful works, and undertaking infrastructural construction projects. WUF’s commitment to social betterment is further exemplified through its benevolent endeavors such as medical and counseling camps, proactive disease prevention and awareness campaigns, as well as philanthropic projects dedicated to poverty alleviation. Since its inception in 1995, WUF has been a beacon of positive change, consistently shaping and uplifting communities through its diverse and impactful social development initiatives.



WUF in collaboration with the Duarte Outreach Centre California, has organized an English Language Training program to help student elevate their linguistic skills and course covers the essential of IELTS and TOEFL

This course improves the fundamental skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Enhancement of vocabulary and composition skills will be an ongoing part of the program.

There are NO barriers to joining the course.

Highlights of the course 

* conducted by professionals 

* two classes for a week 

* totally free of course fees, 

* via Zoom Data free link

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The Institute for Sri Lankan Affairs and Development (ISLAND) is currently supporting the launch of an international exchange research program, initiated by the World University Friends in collaboration with local CSET.

The ISLanD international exchange programme is being launched in partnership with World University Friends, a collective force that comprises university undergraduates, graduates and professionals from across the medical/social work sector predominantly wokring on a voluntary basis. Since being founded in 1995, WUF has successfully implemented over a dozen sociocultural projects.

The aim of the programme is to facilitate reciprocal exchange for overseas students looking to broaden their knowledge of unique Sri Lankan culture and traditions, while also grappling with issues that continue challenge the post-war island society.

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The healing SIIA-HA energy is a stream of thin cosmic energy, that is transmitted through Marina Makeeva to heal people on Earth in holistic way.

Mindful and conscious intake and accept of this energy can help in the prevention of so many mental, emotional and physical diseases. And long-term participation in SIIA-HA energy sessions can help many diseases.

To participate in the SIIA-HA energy session, you just need to sit down or lie down, completely relax, close your eyes, not cross your arms and legs and give YOURSELF CONSCIOUS CONSENT TO RECEIVE THIS ENERGY FOR HEALING.


We go beyond traditional academic assessments to empower students with a comprehensive evaluation that extends beyond a mere letter grade. Our feedback not only highlights individual strengths but also pinpoints areas for development. At the core of our educational philosophy are the updated Millennium Goals, now enriched with the integration of artificial intelligence. Emphasizing the 8 Abilities, these goals delineate the essential skills that distinguish our students and alumni. These competencies are designed to foster personal and professional growth, ensuring the ability to thrive in an increasingly AI-driven world.


Prof. Shanti Nandana Wijesinghe

Executive Director

Prof. (Rev) Wijithapura Wimalarathna

Director/ Administration

Prof. Sirimal Aberathne

Director/ Foreign Affairs

Miss M.Prarthana M. De Mel

Acting Director/Research and Training

Mrs Hema Gamage

Director/ Public Affairs

Rev Sansungama Gnanarathna

Director/ Media

Prof. Amal Rajapakse


During my time at WUF, I’ve honed my communication skills and acquired the ability to thrive both independently and collaboratively within a team. The guidance and support from my professors have afforded me valuable career experiences both on and off campus. This journey has ultimately contributed to my growth as a more resilient and effective leader.

Nadarasa Nagulandren,


We hold the belief that education thrives when fueled by the distinctive perspectives and experiences that each student contributes. Our commitment lies in cultivating an environment that not only acknowledges but celebrates and values diversity in all its manifestations. At the core of our mission is the embrace and promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We empower students to leverage their unique qualities in the pursuit of entrepreneurship, guided by principles of leadership and reconciliation, fostering a learning environment that resonates with empowerment, innovation, and unity.


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Saraswathi Sangeetha Archana

Saraswathi Sangeetha Archana is held on the first Saturday of each month at the University of Peradeniya premises. It is attended by a limited crowd of traditional music lovers from across the country and serves as a platform for artists to share their life experiences and thoughts. Its performances are threefold including Vadanaya: playing of musical instruments, Gayanaya: singing, and Narthanaya: dancing

These monthly sessions of Sangeetha Archana constitute opportunities for informal face-to-face interactions between various artists and music lovers, enhancing human relationships and promoting collective hospitality. The blend of Sri Lankan and Indian music traditions give space for learning, teaching, training, and practicing of these traditional arts, in addition to building reciprocity and intercultural understanding. Furthermore, it integrates artists and music lovers from various layers and demarcations of society such as class, gender, and ethnicity by enabling a harmonious footing of equality through one common spiritual and musical experience.


Positive Peace Path

Peace education has to communicate both values supportive of peace and non-violence, and the reasoning and interpersonal skills required for non-violent conflict resolution. Rather than introducing formal instruction in “peace science”, teachers may find it more effective to introduce the subject informally with examples that illustrate the value of non-violence, and examples of the ways in which violent conflict can be avoided or resolved. Herein, it is emphasized that peace education can be introduced effectively by merging it with the existing education system.

A key action in promoting peace is education. Teachers are more than educators; they are mentors, event coordinators, monitoring and evaluation experts, curriculum specialists, conflict negotiators, administrators, and social change makers. One role of teachers that may be overlooked is that of a peacebuilder. With ongoing global conflict, it is imperative for teachers to expose their students to those global issues and incite motivation in their students to be advocates for peace, both in their local communities and globally.

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Agrotourism, is a unique and immersive travel experience that offers individuals the opportunity to connect with rural life and agriculture. Unlike traditional tourism focused on urban attractions, agrarian tourism invites visitors to explore and participate in the daily activities of farming communities, gaining firsthand insights into the agricultural way of life.This form of tourism goes beyond the typical sightseeing itinerary, allowing travelers to engage in activities such as harvesting crops, tending to livestock, and learning about sustainable farming practices. Agrarian tourism offers a chance for urban dwellers and other tourists to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, providing a tranquil retreat where they can appreciate the natural beauty of the countryside and gain a deeper understanding of the agricultural processes that sustain communities.

Whether it’s a farm stay, agricultural workshop, or a guided tour of rural landscapes, agrarian tourism fosters a connection between visitors and the land, fostering a sense of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of those who contribute to the food production cycle. This unique form of tourism not only promotes sustainable practices but also supports local economies, offering a rich and authentic experience that goes beyond the conventional tourist destinations.


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