World University Friends (WUF) is a collective professional force that comprises university undergraduates, graduates, and professionals such as social scientists, scientists, doctors, engineers, etc. During its life span from 1995 to onwards, WUF has successfully conducted numerous volunteer activities. These include training programmes for members of the Central Provincial Council, projects on youth empowerment, entrepreneurial students’ leadership-welfare programmes, self-employment initiatives, and social development. In addition, various types of consultancy services, several academic workshops, conferences and publications, infrastructural construction projects, and welfare projects such as medical and counseling camps, disease prevention and awareness promotion programmes, donation and poverty alleviation projects have also featured among WUF social development activities since 1995 http://www.worlduniversityfriends.org/

Collaborative Institutes


The University of Awareness "ALCYONE" is an online portal that reveals for millennia lost knowledge and practices from alien civilizations and the spiritual world – about the structure of the universe, the real..


Established in 2021, CSET is an institution of advanced education and research, which has secured itself an extensive network of contacts with top-notch universities within and outside Sri Lanka.


Social Affairs is an open access, peer-reviewed, bi-annual academic journal for the Social Sciences dedicated to publishing academic papers of the finest quality. The journal seeks to act as a platform for researchers ...

nihada arana

Nihada Arana is a Meditation center located in Peradeniya Sri Lanka. It is one of the 103 Meditation centers in Sri Lanka. Mindfulness Living is an relaxing experience.Website of Nihada Arana is http://nihadaarana.org/

Cambridge consultations

Cambridge consultations facilitate the hire and management of fully qualified, professional care staff, nurses, doctors, consultants and pharmacists to provide the highest standard of care on very....