The “Nena Guna Weduma: Sisu Diriya” (Enhancing Knowledge and Virtues: Student Empowerment) project was envisaged as part of Sri Lanka’s massive social development effort that aims to build a society with high levels of both psychical and spiritual development. Such a society, it is believed, will create a social environment for ethnic and religious harmony based on mutual understanding and tolerance. The project has been in operation since 2006 in the Northern and Eastern regions of the country where a three decade ethnic conflict took its heaviest toll, destroying almost the entire social order in the area. All educational zones of the Northern and Eastern regions of the country have been prioritized in this project as the most vital areas where relief should reach. However, the Southern community in the country has also been earmarked to be included in the scope of the project currently through its regional and national level activities and later through its grassroots activities that will be expanded to Southern districts.

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