Nihada Arana is a Meditation center located in Peradeniya Sri Lanka. It is one of the 103 Meditation centers in Sri Lanka.

Nihada Arana is completely dependent on the generosity of the lay community for basic requisites such as food, robes, shelter, medicine and the other administrative expenses of the Meditation Centre and the resident Venerable Sangha (Mendicant Monks) for their well-being.

A day at Nihada Arana typically starts at 4.00 am with walking and sitting meditation sessions throughout the day. Nihada Arana also provides breakfast, lunch Dhana, and Gilanpasa (Evening tea) to all guests and monks alike.

There are two Dhamma Sermons daily at Nihada Arana conducted by Ven. Aluthgamgoda Gnanaweera Thero, with the Morning Teacher’s Discourse at 9 am and the evening Teacher’s Discourse from 7 pm to 8.30 pm allowing monks and guests to talk to the Abbot in person.

Website of Nihada Arana is http://nihadaarana.org/