The main objective of the Nena Guna Waduma: Sisu Diriya National Program is to create a relationship network among the students who have been trained so far and make them to keep those interaction for further. Sisu Diriya Societies have been established in conflict affected and difficult areas such as Ampara, Polonnaruwa, Madakalapuwa, Wawuniya, Mulathiv and Jaffna and they have been involved to develop leadership skills, productivity and efficiency among the students. Sisu Diriya (students courage) exhibitions and the Nena Guna journal also contributed them to improve their talents. The skillful young students who have been identified through these programs are helping to create attitudinal development, efficiency, productivity and spiritual development among the youth in those areas in order to make the youth as the leading forces of social development and for the inter-ethnic and religious integration. From these SD societies it has been created proper relationship network among the students between Northern, Eastern and other areas

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